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1 Jul

Date: Jul 1 2017

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1 Jul

Date: Jul 1 2017

50% off for 1st time advertisers!

You no longer have to worry about where your marketing dollars are spent. 1212 Magazine doesn't stop with just placing your ad in our publication, we also take it into the world of social media. Contact us today and find out more.

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1 Jul

Date: Ju1 1 2017

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Invest in yourself. Hang a picture of yourself on the wall instead of someone else. Make the investment in quality, you should only want to be a part of the best since you have top quality music, be in a top quality magazine.

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About us

"I create platforms where artists can be themselves and be recognized for it."

Lee Bradshaw

1212 Magazine is a urban entertainment publication with a primary focus on independent artists, athletes, businesses and more. A subsidiary of Hotline Music Group, Inc. 1212 Magazine was formed to become a platform for artists who feel they are not getting the recognition they deserve.


  • Lee Bradshaw
  • Martin Martinez
  • Dj Ace of Spades
  • Vanity Renee
  • kenneth Brown

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